“You know the people that say to you they have 15 years experience when they mean one year 15 times?”

-Caroline McHugh

In some fields these folks are masters. Like a blacksmith or a carpenter, where one gets better with time. Their hands and mind could mold and build something beautiful in less time and with less mental thought due to experience. However, in some fields this repeat mindset is pure dangerous as the field morphs and swirls on a yearly, monthly, and even daily basis.

Imagine your IT guy still used an apple computer from 1984. Would you hire him?

Why then would you go to a Doctor who graduated in the 70s, 80s, or even 90s and the only continuing education they got was from pharmaceutical companies?

Why would you go to a strength coach that doesn’t do an initial assessment?

This is a free market. Ask for CVs. Ask for resumes. Ask for testimonials. Ask what professionals have done lately to be a leader in their field. Be a smart consumer. It is a powerful job because you decide who stays and who goes.

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