Take a second and imagine a football field as the evolution of our species.
You see the whole beautiful pristine 100 yards?
Now zoom in on that final yard.
Cheetos were invented in 1948, meaning that humans have had Cheetos for the last tenth of an inch of that football field.
0.1 inches.
Personalized Cheeto ads for the last hundredth of an inch.
0.01 inches.
Cheetos and hyper-palatable processed food items are a wildly complex problem of progress that our species has no evolutionary tools to face.
In fact, Cheetos hack at the very evolutionary processes and know-how that got us to this amazing point in our species history.
We are on our own and I hope we can figure out something or some set of somethings that works.
It might be a pill. It might be a tax. It might be a lot of different interventions all at once, and we honestly might not figure it out.
We might carry around a load of adipose tissue on rolly chairs with Cheeto dispensers and that might evolutionarily be OK because it wouldn’t directly kill off our kind.
But, I can assure you whatever path we take, if we take one at all won’t seem “normal” in 10 or 20 years time.
To my fitness and nutrition Frandz. What does it look like if “we” lose?
Is it really that bad?
It’s uncomfortable and interesting to play it out from the “other side”. If we changed our subjective cultural standards and norms around beauty and put all our effort into mitigating the negative downstream effects of passing one’s personal fat threshold could we be better off?
What is the most amount of food a human can eat and still be metabolically healthy? How do we maximize the buffer zone for Cheeto consumption?
Play it out. This is a CBT technique of what’s the worst that can happen?
I’ve thought about it way too much. The world goes bankrupt on fake money from a disease of overconsumption because we have too much delicious food? Surely, there will be suffering. There will always be suffering, but are you creating suffering in your own life with an attachment to some fantasyland 6-pack promo future?

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