Ryan L’Ecuyer has been lifting and researching all aspects relating to training, nutrition, and physical adaptation essentially since conception. His passion lies primarily in hypertrophy/bodybuilding and strength training, but still appreciates the magnitude of variables that affect the body’s ability to adapt to stress. With over 15 years personally in the trenches and 15,000+ hours of coaching experience, Coach L’Ecuyer uses the knowledge gained to continually push the physiological limits of the human organism. In 2014, Ryan achieved professional status as a life-time, drug-free bodybuilder and competes in powerlifting with a 1,537lb PR total. He also enjoys Ska and can still do a kick flip.

Dr. Ben House has been lifting and thinking about lifting every day since he gripped his first barbell back in ’97. He is the Founder of CRBR and believes that this type of open-source entity is the best way to get research done in Bros, for Bros, by Bros. In science speak, to have any shot at answering the questions involved in how and how much the nuances of nutrition, training, and lifestyle all affect gains, we need highly-controlled studies in highly-trained individuals. Ben has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, which is one of the top ranked public universities in the United States. Other letters after his name include: Certified Nutritionist (CN), Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP), and Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN).