Humans love comfort, it is a never-ending positive feedback loop. We will always love easy and one of the most traumatic events for us is when that new accepted easy way of life is taken away from us…Stolen.

Even that word Stolen probably triggers you.

Here are some things that have been stolen from you that you don’t care about.

The Sun.

The Night.



Receiving a real letter in the mail and the waiting for it.

Early life immune system training.

Calluses, our physical fitness, and the functional capacity to hunt things down by throwing rocks.

The lack of a constant awareness of what you look like or don’t look like. Mirrors were invented in 1836.

The ability to know where we are and remember how to get there #googlemaps.

The ability to regulate your own body temperature in the elements.

The ability to walk long distances every day bare foot without pain.

The ability to chew raw tubers again and again and again.

The ability to be quiet in nature.

The ability and need to pay attention.

The ability to truly connect with other humans in real life.

We can’t get all of these back nor do we probably want to, but we can reclaim some…however, it means actively and continuously choosing some element of discomfort.

Looking backwards to move forwards.

The past was brutal. You don’t really want it back. Humans have become forever nostalgic, thinking it was so much better…back then, but you don’t really want to be paleo. You don’t really want to be a subsistence farmer. You want to exist in this new world where you have the ability to choose and control your discomfort.

Choose wisely.

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