The last time Dr. Davidson was in the Jungle, we were all in awe of his sweating ability. He would be drenched after the warm-up and puddles would follow him around pretty much all day. We literally had to put a towel down on the platform so we could squat safely. Of course, the scientist in me immediately wanted to measure his sweat output and follow him around with a mason jar, but he was already quite frustrated with the regulation of his rice cake intake, so needless to say I thought better of collecting his jort sweat.

Yet, what I did want to do was keep him relatively weight stable. His food amounts didn’t change for 10 days and we were fairly successful with that endeavor. The big reason was because I salted the hell out of his food and put the salt shaker right by his seat for every meal. This is because the average human loses around 1.5 to 2 grams of sodium per hour of exercise but some can lose 3 to 4 times that. That means if we trained for 90ish minutes, Pat could have feasibly been losing over 10 grams of sodium in just the workout, and who knows, he may have lost that same amount or more the rest of the day, just hiking and chewing. The TUL of the RDA for sodium is 2300 mg. Ha. What!???

If you train and sweat (and hopefully you do), you can throw that salt requirement out the window (you can probably throw it out the window anyways). Salt everything to taste and maybe add in a teaspoon for every hour you train. You don’t want to be revving up your sympathetic system unnecessarily or be anywhere near hyponatremia.

Pura Vida.

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