Like school, lifting can turn into endless practice and most humans are dying for the bell to ring.

Endurance exercise has games. They have competitions. They have social events with other humans that result in running across a finish line and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. The Couch to 5k ideology has play.

What do we have in weightlifting?

We have Powerlifting, Oly, and Strongman competitions which are actually generally extremely uplifting, supportive, and powerful.

But, most of the general public isn’t really interested in 1RMs and if we are playing the risk vs. reward game this probably shouldn’t be our first choice unless they fall in love with either of these sports.

We have bodybuilding which is an absolutely amazing and courageous feat of effort and will. Having the grit to walk on stage, almost naked and be judged by others. Damn. But, getting that low in body fat percentages brings with it a host of hormonal compensations and perhaps eating behaviors that the gen pop and coaches should not take flippantly.

We have CrossFit which can be done really really well or can be done grotesquely with graveyards full of caring mothers and fathers that just couldn’t cut it. It is a social structure in a world that has never felt so alone. It has its own language and is the most addictive substance next to black tar heroin.

But, what can you do for your clients as a coach if they and you have no interest in these type of competitions?

Enter the 1 and 3 Round Cajuns from MASS2 by Dr. Pat Davidson

20 sec On 40 sec Off with the goal of 10 reps per Round.

5 exercises with 4 min rest between rounds (if someone is new new they won’t need this much rest and it might bore them).

We generally use:

Barbell Bench
Strict PullUp
Back Squat
Incline DB Bench

But, there are so many other combinations you could play with, another pull instead of two pushes, Front Squats, Belt Squats, Bulgarian split squats, etc.

Make it as safe as possible with exercise selection.

Let them walk out to their favorite music and just let it rip.

Track how much weight they lift each time so they can watch it climb.

Make it as much like game day as possible. Buy them eye black or set the weights up in a ring and have a real bell. There are so many ways to elevate the moment and break up the beautiful monotony that is training.

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