It took 6 minutes of sitting this morning before I heard the rain. I was so excited for what is happening. For all the interesting facts and academic adventures playing out in my mind. I finished my first book in that 6 minutes and moved to Costa Rica and had three babies all by myself. Then I woke up. To Austin. To the pitter patter of soft rain on big windows. To the excitement of the darkness and to my breathe. We can always find the present moment. It never goes anywhere and our breathe is our anchor.

In my posts you may get tangibly angry with all the new agey self-help lines that get thrown your way. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. One of the best pieces of advice I read over the past 5 years was in the Slight Edge – read ten pages of book on personal growth every day forever. That is close to 10 books a year on self-mastery and becoming a better human being. A lot of people think personal growth ends somewhere, maybe after our tumultuous high school years, or the minute we graduate college, or maybe when we reach that enlightened-wise-old-man-with-a wooden-walking-stick status. False! Just like breathing and showering this expedition never ends and we can’t hire someone else to do it for us. We must put in effort every single day and then maybe just maybe we get that fancy wooden stick when our hair turns white.

So what can you do right now? Think back to the happiest most productive time in your life… What book were you reading?

Read that book again. Too often we catalog books as finished! Got this! I’m smarter now, never need that again. But the sages would re-read books again and again like a tough steak. It took more than one bite and they chewed like hell every single time.

I have read the Slight Edge three maybe even four times. Each time I turn those pages I am annoyingly productive. I have read To Sell Is Human twice and each time I sold lots of stuff, felt great about it, and helped many people. I have picked up Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg countless times and when I flip to a random page, read, and start writing good things happen.

So go read ten pages right now. I’ll join you.


…we are all waiting. Just do it.


I read the first 10 pages of The Rise of Superman and crack, bang, whooosh…

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most is more people who have come alive.”
-Howard Truman

Those are the reminders we need every single day or our lives. That constant hit of wisdom from those who have walked this path before is what pulls us out of the job that is stealing our soul and into taking the deep dive of becoming the painter, surfer, astronaut, or best father that we see in those moments where our eyes close and dreams fuse with reality.


Cough. Time for a little Right Hook. I’ll be real about it. I jab more than anyone out there and I love the jab. But sometimes people need some solid contact to the jaw… That right hook is the updated back end of

This month my ONE thing is making things easier for those under my care. Making information more accessible and easier to share with friends. Alleviating the hoops to get quality supplements and allowing people to create their own guided adventure after the initial and follow-up consults. Remember you are the captain of your own healthcare ship. As I cannot steer your badass submarine or battleship for you, I am more of a guide, teacher, compass, and sounding board.

Over the last few weeks I have spent entire mornings and weekends building pages and a fully operational hidden store on the

The store must be secured behind a log in and not accessible to the general public and thus you will just need to register on that page to buy what you need. Then once the order comes through everything will get shipped out to you. Many times there will likely be packages from multiple companies as I have put the majority of the products I use on the site and they are not all housed under one roof.

There is also a fancy new Frequently Asked Question page, which I tried to make as fun as possible. Whether you have been with me six years or two weeks I highly suggest checking it out. Also, email if you have any questions that you think should be added. Everyone will benefit!

There is also a new and improved Expectations page that you can send to friends who you think are on the fence about this whole functional medicine slash figuring out how their body works thing.

I have also started to add hidden protocol pages. These are more intense protocols I have found to be successful that you can come back to at different points in your life. For example, say you want to take on Dr. Rakowski’s Intense Detox after your birthday or you recently went abroad and got sick and want to run a GI protocol. These pages will always be available and as I create more protocols that are crushing common problems I will let everyone know! But remember the most important thing is the fundamentals not new fancy protocols and if these protocols don’t work we have to ask why and dig deeper with testing and more questions.

Ten Day Intense GI Protocol

Seven Day Intense Detox

Thirty Day Anti-Viral Protocol

Password: fundamentals

Thank you for starting this journey and I look forward to seeing you out on the water of life!

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