If you are reading this…you aren’t Paleo.

Humans exist in their current capacity because we have found ways to consistently locate dense calorie sources in nearly every climate.

This necessitated us to be increasingly social. We also could not be reliant on any one food source, in fact we ate 100s of different foods. At our prime we maybe had to search for calories 3 to 6 hours a day with persistent hunts every 3 to 4 days. Life was pretty sweet unless you broke an ankle, got sick or bit, or were cast out of the tribe because you were worthless at throwing rocks at big mammals.

We didn’t have to be intelligent about our food choices because we COULDN’T and we weren’t worried about micronutrient deficiencies, fiber, or microbiomes because we had no idea what those were. Yet, the food we ate was full of fiber and micronutrients and we ate enough variety to generally get the job done.

A lot of people see this argument and think…”We just need to go back to the way things were and eat a huge variety of foods and fatty meats.”

This is a very bad idea for most new-age overfat, overworked, overstressed, undersleeping humans because increases in variety increase appetite, elevate the effort and cognitive demand of food procurement, and increase the number of choices and thus uncertainty…all of which we don’t want.

Also, having the microbiome of a hunter-gather would mean you would likely extract MORE not less calories from your food, an attribute that would be highly disadvantageous in our current obesogenic world.

Eat “quality” food is just as simplistic and terrible advice as eat less and move more. It is so generic it is useless and disempowering.

You combine any dietary simplicity with a brain that is built to consistently locate and procure high calorie foods for the least effort and you get…whole-grain cookies, gluten-free cookies, vegan cookies, paleo cookies, keto cookies, and fasting cookies.

You ever notice how every diet eventually turns into cookies if you give society enough time.

That’s because every diet sucks and humans will always love cookies more than kale.

Every diet has holes, but modern science and society allow us to shop on our phones and eat 10 different foods a week and still potentially be more healthy and live way longer than our Australopithecus brethren. Evolutionarily that’s lit.

Arguing about which diet is a waste of time. I do not care what dietary ideology you subscribe to, doesn’t matter, never will matter to me. I just want to fill the holes using science and new-age thinking to help you do whatever the hell you want to do better.

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