I have had more than 1,000 nutrition consults and reviewed and built god knows how many nutrition and lifestyle plans, and guess what, none of it works if someone doesn’t MOVE. Anyone that says they can build you a meal plan that will work without you having to leave your cubicle is doing you a disservice long-term and if your provider doesn’t practice some type of movement consistently themselves, find a new provider. It’s that important.

“The rationale for the term “zone of regulation” is to denote the role of physical activity in the modulation of satiety signaling. The theory of the zone of regulation is important because it relates the accumulation of adipose tissue as not only occurring as a result of low amounts of energy expended but also that physical activity plays a regulatory role in the amount of energy consumed via appetite signals… Individuals who performed the lowest amounts of physical activity had the highest levels of both underreporting of energy intake and levels of disinhibition, in addition to gaining the largest amount of fat mass over 12 months of observation… In the current sample, a threshold for achieving energy balance occurred at an activity level corresponding to 7116 steps per day, an amount achievable by most adults.”

-Shook et al. 2015

“Low energy flux, but not energy surplus, predicted future increases in body fat…Furthermore, high energy flux appeared to prevent fat gain.”

-Hume et al 2016

Yesterday, we drove to San Jose and back. 13+ hours of sitting. I got to go for a twenty-minute walk down a side street before we got fingerprinted for residency, but other than that, chairs and podcasts. And what do you know, when we got home, I wanted to inhale all the chocolate in Costa Rica. Instead, I ate an awkward amount of vegetables with Steph and went for a walk, topping out at a measly 6,156 steps. I got home, read until my mind shut down, and passed out for 10 hours. I woke up and meditated. I went for a walk in the sun and then had some breakfast. I crushed some science and consults and then hit MASS. Things were back to normal.

Some people never wake up from that nightmare. Seek first to understand and then maybe ask them if they would like to go for a walk…outside.

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