“Moderation is death.”
-Dan Millman

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
-Oscar Wilde

The only thing that yells at me in these sentences is Alcohol. I have an extremely addictive personality so when people try to tell me moderation is the key to nutrition and life, I throw up in my mouth and swallow it down, instead of hack it on the sidewalk. We wouldn’t want anyone in our band of 7 billion crazies to get too uncomfortable.

My wife can moderate everything. It just works for her.

Me not so much, especially in certain environments. I can moderate food pretty well even in the worst of circumstances, but exercise and drugs…no chance. I’ve swallowed painkillers to work out more times than most people have worked out. I’ve been drunk for days across different city skylines, trying to keep it all going on a Tuesday just because I was afraid of the silence at the end.

I don’t regret either and if it weren’t for Steph, The Puppies, Zazen, Training, and a Purpose bigger than myself I would likely be perpetually pinballing around in the flashing lights of the mesolimbic dopamine system.

It’s one of the reasons we live in the Jungle. It is 15 minutes down a jagged mountain road to get anything. And that anything is hella limited. The environment makes us plan.

And…”You are always smarter in advance.”

Thus, if you get to the weekend without a plan and you end up at a bar mindlessly eating food you don’t need with people you don’t like AND you use the excuse, “Well, moderation is the key to whatever I WANT right now.” I get it. 100%. No judgement. I’ve been there.

It will forever be the easier choice and you aren’t going to make a better one if you keep putting yourself in the same environments, where you have the same thoughts and inevitably make the same decisions, and justify it with the same bullshit internal monologue of moderation.

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