“Magnesium is central to all of our energy-forming reactions in every cell in the human body and there are over 300 enzyme pathways in humans that are dependent on magnesium.”
-Dr. Amy Neuzil
Magnesium is one of those miracle supplements if you are deficient. It is estimated that over three quarters of Americans don’t even meet the RDA for Magnesium (400mg for men and 320 mg for women) and for most Magnesium tends to help tremendously with bowel movements, energy, and sleep. Also, if you are a heavy exerciser or under high stress say goodbye to the RDA and please start supplementing or downing smoothies with Swiss Chard and Mackerel. This is because you need magnesium to run the enzymes that make energy and also clear adrenaline.
Much like Iron is to Hemoglobin, Magnesium is the central atom of chlorophyll. So we get magnesium from eating green plants. A cup of raw spinach has about 25 mg of magnesium and one cup cooked has about 150mg (but you just slaughtered the folates). Yet, the magnesium content of food has diminished drastically over the last 100 years because of soil depletion and big agriculture. For example, the average magnesium content across all fruits and vegetables has declined 21% since the 1960s and an apple is down 82% since 1914 and swiss chard is down 84% since 1963. Thus, it is toss-up on how much you are actually getting through food alone.
Below are some medium form articles on the benefits of Magnesium and the different forms you might consider taking.
The products I use most often in protocols are Magnesium Citrate, Glycinate, or L-Threonate from either Designs for Health or Pure Encapsulations. You can find them in the store! You can also see how I dose magnesium on the FAQ.

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