People smiling. Children laughing. Steam rising out of ceramic mugs. The glow of Christmas lights out the front window. Fluffy white snow and the smell of cedar. Now don’t go and eff all that up by imposing your health demands on everyone around you. Let the opinions and discussions of what you are doing with this body take a back seat to what’s important – Family. Friends. Gratitude. Giving. And Being Present.

Now that doesn’t mean you start devouring frosting and main-lining egg nog. It means you just be quiet for a day or a week and do what you do. It means putting in the work silently and conversing about topics other than bench press, immunoreactivities, and methylation. It means not establishing your dietary restrictions as Holiday law and finding the fortitude and patience to just let people be and meet them where they are.

Don’t turn this holiday season into a health fair. There is a reason why we don’t have health fairs or conferences on Christmas Eve Day. It’s not the time. Now if Betty Lou asks, “Hey Martha you look fantastic and your eyes are so bright, what have you been doing? Atkins?”  Take her for a walk and have a heart to heart conversation about your experience. Then if Betty Lou asks for advice, introduce the key points of personalization and long term adherence. Plant the seed these folks may need to take action in the New Year and then get back to having fun.

Have a Happy Happy Holidays,


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