We physiologically and psychologically need to complete stress cycles.

If a duck gets in an altercation with another duck, it goes down, and then the ducks flap their wings for 20 seconds. Done. Game over back to doing normal duck stuff.


But humans don’t do that. If someone pisses you off at the water cooler you can’t spit in their face, stomp on their toe, do a little jig, and then go back to normal human things. Thus, the cycle is left to play out in our minds incessantly. The wheel is never allowed to stop. OMG, I can’t believe Jim said that. Can you believe Jim said that!? Ughhh Jim! But, that sounds even more insane than smashing Jim’s fat toes.

Imagine you were in a battle. If you lost you likely died, but if you lived you likely celebrated. You screamed at the moon. Completion of the cycle either way.

A lot of times this is what I feel people lack not only in their everyday lives but in their training. When we train as a group, we talk shit, we yell, we go to war. Then we celebrate. We eat rice cakes on the porch, talk more shit, laugh, and cook a meal together. We do this at least twice a week. Remember stress management isn’t about stress avoidance it is about picking the fights that matter.

Here are five strategies to help complete the cycle from Dr. Emily Nagoski

1. Sharing affection.
2. Primal scream or a good cry.
3. Progressive muscle relaxation or any other form of meditation.
4. Art, writing, or some other form of creative expression.
5. Body self-care, like grooming, massage, or doing your nails.


Thus, this week when get hit with a stressor make sure you complete the cycle with one of the strategies listed above instead of letting it fester and rot inside your body and your mind. Because that is far crazier than letting the crazy out.

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