Being able to change or contextually modify your viewpoint on a subject in the face of appropriate counter evidence is a skill that has to be practiced.

Most people don’t know when or how to change their minds. Which is understandable because most people try to change their minds utilizing shit forms of evidence combined with simple and even illogical conclusions.

My cousin Jerry lost 34 pounds and all he did was stop eating bread. Carbs obviously make you fat.

Did you see that new study on coffee! If you drink more cups of coffee you don’t die!! Latte please!!!…!!!!!!!!!!!

This is dinner-table/email-forward science and it is PAINFUL.

***These daily interactions mostly just annoy me (I don’t and never will really care what any of your frandz eat or don’t eat), BUT what really pisses me off is when these type of sciencey statements are finished off with an overconfident sales pitch.

A small part of me wishes that I could just slang Advocare, count stacks, and not research everyday. Just kidding, that sounds terrible on so many levels, but mostly because I would have to wrap my car and my life in that story….and once you have done that you ain’t changing your mind for nothin.

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