Certain types of people gravitate towards certain fields and professions.

You don’t see people who look like me as interior designers. Although, I think I would be great. My wife does not think this is the career for me.

Unfortunately or fortunately Pewter walls and tasteful Paintings of Barbells are not universally accepted decor.

Certain types of people find the strength game. There are a lot of white males and just males in general who failed as athletes and are trying to make up for some deep seated inadequacy. Is this wrong? No. It’s just a fact and it can make us good at our jobs or terrible. Most of the women in this field played sports and identify themselves as athletes as well.

Are there exceptions and niches to be filled?

Hell Yea!

Nerd Fitness and the entire gym base that caters to the middle age female market are great examples of that.

Bro Research is simply a niche and it is not about a gender or a sex or a race. I am a BRO and I love RESEARCH. Women can be BROs and love RESEARCH. A gay man can be a BRO and love RESEARCH. I hope my daughter has BRO qualities and she better love science or she is going to have to handstand walk her way down the mountain.

The thing about BROS…we don’t take ourselves very seriously and we can joke about basically anything. I.e. the name of my entire company is a joke, but it also isn’t as we start data collection on the first self-funded study next week.

And we will run research in trained females as well. Not as a one-off token of appreciation but because unlike NIH we absolutely care about that underserved population.

Are we going to run research on the best way for Bartelby and Betty to lose weight? NO.

We are exclusive. We are meant for a certain type of person. The person who lifts and makes fun of themselves for how much they love lifting. If something is for everyone, it’s for no one. We all need toothbrushes, but people don’t really give a shit about toothbrushes. So, if you are offended by the name of my company it probably ain’t for you and that’s the entire point!

You can email how offended you are to [email protected] and become even more offended that this is not a real email address.

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