Most of my male clients are chasing looking good and feeling good. This to me comes down to three things.

  1. Making time for the type of training that you love to do.
  2. Prioritizing general movement throughout the day and overall movement quality and position during actual sessions.
  3. Some form of educated Strength and Hypertrophy Program that is assessed for effectiveness.

For hypertrophy this is the foundational textbook I would read as the platform for filtering all subsequent work on increasing said jacked-ness.

Science and Development in Muscle Hypertrophy.

Here are some very high quality programs that you could revolve through for about a year.

MAX Muscle Plan

Building Muscle and Performance

Your Ultimate Transformation Guide – This one is very Poliquin. Not my favorite actual program but all the other aspects are solid and it is a good read

APRE – this is likely the biggest bang for your buck protocol.

MASS – This is a kick in the nuts and I might do it again in the next year. It’s about 4 months and really good for group training. People get fucked up tho. We started with a group of 4 last time and only myself and one other guy finished. This is the only one I get Kickback on and it’s expensive as shit.

Here is a 4 week combination program that I put together which utilizes APRE.

If you are interested, just shoot me a message and I will email you the12 week program – Forging Resilience – that Coach Davis and I built out as something to give athletes that didn’t have the financial means to afford our services. If you utilize this program please donate whatever amount you wish to Inner City Weightlifting.

Finally, everyone does better with a coach, an educated and measured plan, and training partners. I have found most people only have two of three. Your goal should be to attain all three.

For remote coaching I think Aaron Davis is the best in the world and brings a tremendous product to market at a low cost. There are also highly skilled individuals at Training Think Tank, Brute, and Opex.

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