Adrenal Burnout/Exhaustion is a laughably simple explanation for fatigue, but go head keep spitting in tubes and pounding those unregulated cattle glandulars because utilizing an imprecise marker that doesn’t even correlate with your outcome, and then adding more cortisol to an insanely complex system that might just want low cortisol sounds like a great idea.

Even giving hydrocortisone isn’t recommended or supported by the peer-reviewed literature.

However, initial RCTs involving Rituximab, a B-cell depleting agent and fecal microbiome transplants have resulted in highly positive findings and are both undergoing larger trials.

Hmmm, go figure targeting the immune system likely works better than just trying to replace what might or might not be low.

“The stress crash theory that HPA axis hypofunction drives the activation of immune-inflammatory pathways in chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be validated…

Findings show that activation of immune-inflammatory and oxidative and nitrosative pathways in chronic fatigue syndrome are probably not secondary to HPA axis hypoactivity…

The downregulation of the HPA axis in the face of a chronic inflammatory environment is well documented. The HPA axis becomes hyporesponsive following prolonged exposure to the cytokines, and this adaptation occurs relatively quickly. There is now considerable evidence supporting the view that the hypofunction of the HPA axis seen in these diseases is driven by chronic inflammation caused by systemically elevated levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.”
-Morris et al. 2017

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