The Sports Book

The SportsBook is a way to talk just a little more shit and increase camaraderie.

It is not a means for Henry to pay off his other outstanding gambling debts.

Pat and I have both put $300 into this venture. Thus, the max one can win on any one bet is 20 dollars.

That means everyone should be able to make at least one bet except Henry who be allowed to make zero bets.

To Win the Overall Total Cajun

There Can be Only One

Ryan L’Ecuyer 1:2 Odds (this means if you bet 5 dollars you win 2.50)
Vinny Brandstadter 1:2 Odds
Michael Lexner 1:1.5 Odds
Pat Davidson 1:1.5 Odds
Marcos Rodriguez 1:1 Odds
James Cerbie 2:1 Odds (this means if you bet 5 dollars you win 10 dollars)
Kyle Dobbs 2:1 Odds

You can also pick the top three for even odds, but you have to get the order exactly right.

Team Match Play

Read team to win 1:30

Blue team to win 2:1

Black team to win 3:1

Blue Team vs. Red Team 

Red Team 1:30

Blue Team 2:1

Blue Team vs. Black Team 

Blue Team 1:1.5

Black Team 1.5:1

Team Over/Under at 1:1 Odds

Black Team Over/Under 290K
Blue Team Over Under 275K
Black Team Over/Under 270K

Individual Match Play

Teo Ledesma vs. Carson Clay Calhoun

Teo = 3:1 Odds (+300)
Carson = 1:3 Odds (-300)

If there is someone you have your eyes on beating let us know and we will put it on the board.

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You're In!