Still Standing - An Exploration Into Male Health (eBook)

I wrote an informative, well-referenced shell of a book before I started in on Still Standing. I let it die. It had no soul. No fire. A writer’s job is not to inform, but as Steven Pressfield says, “Our job is to put asses in seats.”

In Still Standing, I sought first to entertain and then to educate because without the former, I can’t get to the latter, especially with the men who need this information most.

Over the years, I have learned that one of the best ways to motivate high achieving males is to connect with them and then challenge them by showing them what they do not know. That was my intent with this book.

I intentionally didn’t write this book for the faint of heart and this book is not for everyone.

Part I (63 pages) reads like a screenplay and is a story I feel we can all relate to on some level.

Part II (34 pages) is the type of deep and comprehensive conversation that you would hear, if you sat in on one of my case study talks. It gets complex and intricate, and may be tough without a solid background in physiology, but hopefully this spurs you to dig deeper.

Most of the short and medium form content I put out is referenced to the hilt, and I will not lose most people at these lengths, but once we get into longer form writing I have found that we lose most of the population when we write pseudo-textbooks.

That is not this book. Still Standing is first and foremost a story.

Reviews of Still Standing

Thank you for writing this.  I finished Still Standing yesterday in one plane flight. Needless to say, I was tearing up on the plane and had quite the conversation with a stranger.  You have helped me become healthier, more informed, and more confident to take ownership of my health moving forward. Thank you.

David Shanklin

I just read Still Standing – it is tremendous. I found myself drawn in early by the screen play format and before you know it I was through the entire copy. It was very well-written, emotional, and the Part II case study was easy to follow even for those new to physiology.

Dr. Seth Oberst

Thank you for sending over a copy of Still Standing yesterday. I really enjoyed reading it and I think you did a great job of laying out valuable information in a digestible, and entertaining, format. I’ve never seen anything else that bridges the gap between hard science and narrative format in that way; and I can’t wait until this comes out so I can recommend it to some friends and clients.

Evan Peikon

Sports Performance Coach, Training Think Tank

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