“These courses are a no brainer. They provide you with the toolbox you need to be successful. It goes above and beyond anything that I have encountered in the industry. These courses will really take you to the next level. It’s that stepping stone from being really good to being great.”

Jeb Stuart Johnston


The NEW Nutrition Course


Eighteen fully referenced short and long form Modules and 10 Case Studies to get you to a place where you can answer every nutrition question that comes your way ethically and empathetically.


“Thanks for all these courses! I’m already implementing this content with my clients. My confidence is so much higher taking stands on certain positions with this ammunition in my back pocket.”

Nick Holt, NASM, PN-2, FRC(ms)


The Advanced Blood Chemistry for Athletes Course


Nine fully referenced DEEP dive Modules and 10 Case Studies that help you understand the ins and outs of blood chemistry and what it can and can not tell you.


“I’ve learned more about nutrition in just this short amount of time than my last two years in Medical School.”

Gavin Gaurd, PA-C, MPAS, CISSN


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