The Rumble in the Jungle

Dr. Pat Davidson and I will be holding a 10 day training camp in Uvita, Costa Rica.

During this camp we will collect data on MASS 2. The secondary aim of this training camp is to see how high we can get carbohydrate consumption without blowing the doors off glucose control in jacked gorillas.


July 19th – July 30th

How much?

$2,500, but if you beat me in the MASS challenge, take off $500.

To put this amount in perspective, it would surely cost you around this just to meet with me for an initial consult and train with Davidson for 6 to 7 sessions. During the camp, with each participant’s permission we will also go over their labwork as a group in case study fashion. No judgement, just learning. I believe Pat and I will also give some presentations that we want to get on film in the evenings.

How many spots are left?


Where can you purchase this?

Well you can’t, you have to email me ([email protected]) first and talk about how awesome you are and how Pat and I won’t have to vote you off the isthmus. Seriously, just send an email that reads.

I want to come to the Jungle and lift weights. I currently back squat 3.79 times my bodyweight and only wear underwear on Thursdays.


Giant Male Human


What is included?

  • Your stay in the Jungle (you will be bunked up and there are only 2 spots left).
  • All your local organically sourced food, measured and prepared for you.
  • Coaching and feedback from Davidson during training.
  • Transportation while you are on site.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring.
  • Waterfalls and crazy nature shit on property.
  • Ping Pong on the deck
  • Cleaning service every Mon, Wed, and Fri during your stay.
  • Use of the High Speed Internet when I say you can.


What is not included?

  • Your flight (best to arrive at SJO the afternoon of 7/19 and leave the afternoon of 7/30 out of SJO)
  • Transportation to and from Uvita (I will help arrange this)
  • Supplements that you should be taking anyways
  • Labwork you should be getting anyways ($160 – Male Essentials Panel – this is not a requirement but I will run through it with you for free while you are here.
  • Any other extracurricular activities and ice cream you want to purchase at the grocery store after the study is over
  • Money that you lose to Pat or I while gambling on pretty much anything.


Inclusion criteria?
The three big ones are:

  • You must be male (sorry, females are fairly complicated to study in the acute setting because the menstrual cycle throws a wrench in most everything)
  • Have at least five years of consistent training experience
  • Back Squat at least 1.5 times your body weight.


Daily Schedule:

6:30AM Optional Meditation by the waterfall or on the deck
7AM Breakfast.
8AM Lecture on Training or Nutritional topics.
9AM Break.
9:30AM Train.
10:30AM – 12:30PM Refuel and Chill
12:30PM Lunch.
1:30PM – 4:30PM – Excursion
5PM – 6PM Sensory/Recovery Hands On Session
6PM – Dinner
7PM – Chill
8PM – Almond Butter Shake while still chilling.

Weekly Schedule (7/19-7/30):

Wednesday – Arrival and Intake
Thursday – Development Day
Friday – Alactic Aerobic
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – Stim Session 1
Monday – OFF
Tuesday – Cajun and Weighted Hike to Upper Waterfall
Wednesday – OFF
Thursday – Development Day
Friday – Alactic Aerobic
Saturday – FREE
Sunday – FREE

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