Daily Writings on Life, Lifting, and Nutrition - 2017 to 2018 (eBook)

“There is nothing more frightening than having a dream come true.”

Somehow some way Flo is almost entirely built (we still need a basketball court).

Writing kept me sane during this process as the deadlines and numbers forever swirled around inside my head. Writing kept me learning every day when all I wanted to do was create more spreadsheets, to anchor the illusion of managing chaos.

And today, writing helps me avoid the feeling of complacency. A feeling I dread. It keeps me learning and loving learning, and it constantly brings me back to Beginner’s Mind as I find a new topic I know nothing about or an old topic covered from a new angle. At the end of the June each year, I compile all that writing into one document.

My goal every year is to write 300 pages. Just chipping away at it, morning by morning. This year I got to 298 pages and around 100,000 words.

I completely understand the ideology of creating value and a tribe and putting your best work behind a paywall, but that just isn’t me.

Writing is what wakes me up and it is my medium. Giving away this content creates the most action out of all the ways I could possibly influence other human beings. And this is because it is consistent, and at my best, it grabs the reader to ask a question and/or produce a change.

It is important for us as humans to put financial investment into ideas, systems, and items we believe in otherwise they will cease to exist. Your local organic farm to table restaurant owners can’t support themselves on how awesome you think they are.

I have a Patreon no one knows about and as a compulsive gambler, I think is the best play out there.

Every year, if you donate at least $120 ($10 a month) there is a drawing for a free week of lodging in Costa Rica for two (or $500 off any event we host) on the last day of June.

“To sell well is to convince someone else to part with resources— not to deprive that person, but to leave him better off in the end.”

Daniel Pink – To Sell Is Human

Regardless of money or praise, thank you – each and every one of you for your support. I am honored that people in this world find value, hope, and action in the words I put down on digital paper.

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