5’6” Female

~160 lbs

57 years old

Main Concerns: Wants to check in on her nutrition and energy levels are lower than normal. 

Work 30 hours per week at a Non-Profit

Lives in Suburbs of Large City, Northern USA.

Master’s Degree in Social Work.

No body composition or BMD data.

Husband is a Lawyer

Three children all out of the house.

Self-identified solutions: Eat more real food. Just want to be sure I am eating a healthy diet.

No potential barriers listed

Her strengths: I do well with flexibility. 

Goes to a local yoga studio four mornings a week.

She identified as responding better to guidance

No real history of dieting. Vegetarian or Vegan for the last 30ish years. This is her highest weight.

Not taking any supplements. No known medical conditions. No medications.

How motivated are you? 7/10

Three Day Food Log shows mostly whole food meals prepared at home. no portion sizes listed. Occasional bar or snack item. No dairy. No eggs. No meat. 

Self-Identified Three Healthiest Foods: Kale, Beans, Tempeh. 

Self-Identified Three Unhealthiest Foods: Cookies, Crackers, Vegan Cheese. 


One- two coffees daily. 

Zero alcoholic drinks per week.

EXTRA CREDIT MARKERS: Creatinine = 0.76 mg/dL, Ferritin = 26 ng/mL, RBC, HBG, HCT All Lower End of the Ranch, TSH = 3.5. Free T3 = 2.6 pg/mL, CRP = 0.8 mg/L, HbA1c = 5.4%, c-Peptide = 3.1 ng/mL, LDL Cholesterol = 120 mg/dL, HDL = 72 mg/dL, Tot Cholesterol = 210 mg/dL, and Triglycerides = 84 mg/dL.


What additional nutritional or life questions would you like to ask?

With the information you have currently what would be your top three strategies?

What nutrition cognitive oversight strategy would you start with?

What kcals and macros would you start with?

What would be your approach on the movement and resistance training side?

Have an imaginary conversation with this client avatar and build out a flexible meal template and follow-up email. 


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