5’4” Female

155 lbs

44 years old

No body composition or BMD data.

Married at 26 and doesn’t really mention husband.

Two Children – 9 and 11

Work 40-50 hours per week at a local marketing agency.

Lives in Suburbs of Medium City, South USA. 

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Main Concerns: Wants to lose weight and be healthier.

Self-identified solutions: Not eating bad food. More exercise. 

Potential barriers are time, but she feels making changes is possible.

Her strengths: She is organized and when she has the right information she can just go.

Walks and has tried some home workout videos and Orange Theory. Has no idea what RM or RIR RPE mean. Doesn’t really like the gym.

She tried weight watchers but it ended up being too much and she didn’t like the food. She identified as responded better to personalized advice.

Slight history of dieting. This is her highest weight.

Not taking any supplements. No known medical condition. No medications.

How motivated are you? 10/10

Three Day Food Log shows not weighing food, erratic breakfast and lunch sometimes utilizing on-the-go items or pick-up food. Seems as though dinner is more consistent and has at least one vegetable. 

Self-Identified Three Healthiest Foods: Protein bars, Spinach, and Tea. 

Self-Identified Three Unhealthiest Foods: Chips, Beef, Ice cream. 

Menstrual Cycle is regular (2-3 days mild bleeding).

One coffee daily. 

2-3 alcoholic drinks per week.

She is a really nice lady!

EXTRA CREDIT MARKERS: Creatinine = 0.82 mg/dL, Ferritin = 71 ng/mL, RBC, HBG, HCT All Normal, TSH = 1.7. Free T3 = 3.1 pg/mL, CRP = 0.6 mg/L, HbA1c = 5.8%, c-Peptide = 4.1 ng/mL, LDL Cholesterol = 96 mg/dL, HDL = 67 mg/dL, Tot Cholesterol = 178 mg/dL, and Triglycerides = 105 mg/dL.


What additional nutritional or life questions would you like to ask?

With the information you have currently what would be your top three strategies?

What nutrition cognitive oversight strategy would you start with?

What kcals and macros would you start with?

What would be your approach on the movement and resistance training side?

Have an imaginary conversation with this client avatar and build out a flexible meal template and follow-up email. 


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