Stretching and foam rolling very likely acutely just make you more pain and stretch tolerant. They don’t do anything. If you like them and they help drive other positive habits…cool, but you probably don’t NEED to do them.

If you are just after being fit or looking good naked these modalities are very likely extremely low impact and null effect size practices to worry about.

You don’t need body maintenance.

You just need to move.

You might also want to start avoiding masochistic fitness entertainment baseball bat workouts that serve no purpose.

And the worry about not keeping up with this “body” maintenance drives me insane. People feel bad about themselves because they missed their ROM WOD or didn’t have time to “roll out” because they work 60 hours a week and created three tiny humans.

Don’t add unnecessary psychological worry to your life.

The vast majority of injuries in the weight room are over-use injuries (for advanced trainees we must be particularly cognizant of the collagen system as muscle is probably not the chronic limiter anymore)

Thus, the best body maintenance strategy is following an intelligent strength and conditioning program that progresses and waves appropriately and avoids acute load spikes.

***If random community baseball bat workouts are the only way you can adhere to exercise just find better protocols and challenge your coaches to really show you the intent and the progressive overload.

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