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Dr. Pat Davidson and Dr. Ben House bring you MASS II.  A 233 page monster of a book that serves as an exercise physiology textbook, a 16-week training program that you could literally run on repeat, and a nutrition and lifestyle manual that gives you the means to advance every aspect of your life.

MASS was Pat’s way of flipping the bird to the S&C world. Let’s get back to being stupid, but not bad form Power Clean stupid. Let’s pick up heavy shit repeatedly and see who walks out of the room.

MASS II is a world away from this. It’s not about destruction. It’s a tactical broad stroke program that could be used by most anyone who knows their way around a weight room. It has a little bit of everything and will keep the most dopanergic of us coming back for more while not letting us bleed ourselves dry.

I see a lot of paralysis around overloading the system in the S&C world right now. This seems due to a combination of a pendulum swing back from the CrossFit movement and a lot of coaches getting into PRI, AFS, FRC, DNS, SFMA, or some other acronym that helps them look at position and movement in a more objective manner.

With the blending of professional lines, we must not forget that our job as strength coaches is to overload the fucking system. The amount, the timing, and the duration of that overload must be respected, but if we want progress, overload is not elective, it is required.

I have had the honor of being friends and colleagues with many strength coaches who have gone as far as one can go down these acronym rabbit holes and every one of them is more ruthless and calculated than they were before. They are not fearful. They are prepared. They get the system ready. They pick exercises that allow for maximize benefit while minimizing risk and then they chase adaptation. They collect data and go back to the drawing board again and again.

Not only did Pat bring me on to write the nutritional/lifestyle piece for this book, but we both agreed that we needed data.

So over a month ago, we recruited around 20 jacked male gorillas to take part in MASS 2 while collecting a battery of metrics.

MASS II is not the end. It is a step in the process and I am torqued to be involved in every aspect of it.

Enjoy it and punch the fucking clock.

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