I don’t care if you take PEDs or have taken PEDs. Doesn’t matter to me. Absolutely no judgement. Your decision and it’s not as bad of a decision as the world wants everyone to believe.

BUT, if you have EVER taken anabolics you have lost your ability to talk shit to anyone who hasn’t and every lifting video or shirtless picture you post has an asterisk forever whether you like it or not.

Not bad or good.

The truth.

If you took drugs because you were/are insecure and didn’t think you were ever big or good enough and you get your rocks off knocking down the social status of other humans because you haven’t taken a good long look at yourself…fuck you (and fuck me too).

That’s a Stage 1, fear-based, limited resource mindset and what I just said will likely offend you and/or make you think I am soft.

Put in the internal work so you can love the process, not the outcome so you can lift others up, instead just pushing others down so you feel a little better about yourself for half a second.

The number of social media phenoms who got big big in their early 20s pounding Dbol and Tren and now just maintain 90% of that muscle doing a bunch of bullshit novelty fitness entertainment is NOT small. And, this now easily maintained 90% level of muscle mass is likely more than someone not on drugs could ever achieve and they use this physique or outcome as anecdotal evidence to validate themselves, their business, and what they do.

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