CrossFit did something that no other fitness methodology had really really done before it.

It created… I am a CrossFitter.

They built an identity that people wanted to embody. That they would fight for. That they would talk about on the weekends.

Anyone could be a CrossFitter. You just had to workout for time and eat Zone, then Paleo, and now Whole 30, Keto, Intermittent Fasting.

The fitness world got mad at this and collectively laughed at the stupidity of random workouts performed for time, but what they should have observed was that this new identity produced actions that turned into habits which if done intelligently could potentially turn into massive results.

Now it seems Ex-CrossFitters don’t like being called CrossFitters. But, when I get a CrossFitter or an Ex-CrossFitter as a client I know one thing.

They care.

And for all those coaches out there screaming at people, “I WANT you to want to do the dishes!” Maybe you should try CrossFit.

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