The BR200 is a modular based learning experience where topic specific online courses culminate in actually doing something. 

Who is this for?

Are you a Trainer, Nutritionist or Health Care Professional who cares about Science and wants a Master’s degree but doesn’t actually really care about getting Master’s degree?

Are you already a successful Coach or Gym Owner? The money is great and you have retained clients for years, but you want more. You want to be an expert in something and you want to give back to the field.

Are you a legit Google Scholar? You enjoy researching topics. You like knowing the things BUT you are sick of living on the surface. You need a system to filter out information because you don’t trust the Google and you are so tired of BioHackers?

Who is this not for?

People who think in black and white and want all the right answers…right now.

People who incessantly sell simple supplement and fitness stories. Intermittent Fasting and GH Spikes BRO! The only way to get big.

Anyone involved in an MLM.

People who haven’t done the internal work to really listen to another individual. If you are just out here trying to be HEARD. Don’t sign up. 

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Upcoming BR200 Modules


The Research Based Content Creation Module is created to solve the problem.

How can I create ethical click-and-stay content that helps people?


The Nutrition Workshop Module is designed to solve the problem.

How can I build individualized meal plans for my clients that aren’t scammy templates?


The Mindfulness Module is designed to solve the problem.

How can I not be an insatiable annoying frazzled fitness/nutrition maniac? How can I live this life and actually have a life?


The Hypertrophy Module is designed to solve the problem of doors and why all of them will be too small for you and your clients.

But really it is designed to solve the problem….How can I build evidence-based individualized muscle-building nutrition and training protocols to help my clients get however jacked (or not jacked) they want to get?


What is the feature that sets The BR200 apart?

Instructor led courses that are delivered inside of a highly filtered small group-learning environment that is punctuated by in-person moments that break the script of our lives and bring the ideas we talk about into reality.

I’ve built passive income and content before. For passionate people this generally just leads to boredom, isolation, and idea hopping. It can be the best content in the world and it is still boring. We are all by ourselves with our screens. Maybe we get better, maybe we just waste more of our lives staring at a window into the outside world.


How much do these modules cost?

These all-inclusive modules are designed to be affordable and the price really just depends on the venue and duration of the final event. We know these events are not cheap and they shouldn’t be. Think about the last time you went to a $500 weekend conference or seminar. How much did you spend on lodging? How much money did you spend going out to eat? How much time did you waste worrying about who you would go out to eat with? Yea…none of that. 

Is this a Master’s Program?


My goal with The BR200 isn’t to replace a Master’s or a PhD degree. The goal is to make some of that material MORE fun and engaging and then for people who  live these principles to get together and connect around the material, the experience, and then throw down on some weights and quality food.

You can go get a Master’s or PhD. If you love LOVE this science stuff, I think you should. But, even for an online program you are looking at 750 a credit! For a 3 credit course that is $2250 and you haven’t bought books yet.

But, if you just want letters after your name for internet street cred this thing ain’t for you. We need this thing to be a GOOD time but we also need it to be a struggle. I want you to WANT to put BR200 after your name. This year, I deleted all the letters after my name that I didn’t believe in and I won’t put the BR200 after my name until we have released 200 hours of modular content.

Thank you for reading. I am so pumped for this learning platform. I have said NO to multiple graduate level teaching positions in the last year because I wanted to go for it and create this community and this content…besides I am more of a gateway drug for science anyways.

…and if you end up earning your BR200 and want to get into a Masters or PhD program I can guarantee that I will write you one hell of a letter of recommendation. 

If you have any further questions they can be directed to [email protected],com 

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